The Globo Collective is a Valencia and Bristol based international musical project, travelling all over, meeting and collaborating with new artists.

Rooted in Mediterranean culture, The Globo Collective combines diverse styles and rhythms with socially conscious, romantic and humorous lyrics to evoke energetic vibes. Globo’s fresh and accessible sound is guaranteed to make audiences dance.

The project is fronted by Elio Arauz de Marcos, who writes infectious and catchy songs in his native languages Valencian and Spanish as well as English and other languages that he’s picked up on the road. As he has travelled all over the world he’s collaborated with countless musicians who have helped him to reimagine his tunes in lots of different ways.

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Depending on who he is playing with, audiences can expect to hear influences from folk, Latin, reggae, afrobeat, jazz and electronic sounds are present in The Globo Collective’s music.

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